The Garden


The summer has finally begun, and with it are the beginning blooms adding the much needed colour to the garden. The majority of planting, staking, mulching, feeding, and fencing are coming to an end, and the daily fight with the weeds has begun. This is the second year for our Kleefeld garden, and last years planted perennials are showing us what they are made of. This picture of Morden's Sunrise Hardy Rose gives me great satisfaction since it is the first Spring I have enjoyed its bloom even though I have planted three. We have moved far too much in the past!

Despite the constant rain and hail storms our garden has stayed remarkably dry. We have raised beds and soil with an abudance of sand. This week, the beans, peas, potatoes, have grown twofold. Some have begun to flower.

I know that this is just the start of the season... but it is very promising. More to come....

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